Spanish Holidays: Predictable? Boring? Not Exciting Enough?


When it comes to that family vacation, girls getaway, lads footy trip, weekend jolly in the sun, or whatever the reason Spain has become predictable or has it?

You see Malaga Airport is the jewel in the crown to some, the stepping stone to brighter Iberian adventures.

To others, a claggy mat that you wipe your feet on when you leave.

Rather a bit unfair but from a personal point of view there are pros and cons for both arguments but I’m not here to sit on the fence.

As a regular contributor to  its my responsibility to use my insiders knowledge to shine, discover and dig deep in the undergrowth that is Malaga City to unearth the jewels in this vibrant city.

Biggest Cliche in Spain, Costa Del Sol

Costa Del Sol is no doubt synonymous to south of Spain, Andalucia and Malaga Province.

When you hear these 3 little words the cliches come running to the cerebral cortex. Gangsters, cheap plastic seats, crowded beaches, Torremolinos, drunk youths wearing next to nothing the lists practically endless.


Tacky? this is not tacky is culture!

These images have been instilled in media hype and a chequered past that’s compounded through fly on the wall documentary spoofs like, Cost del Crime, Drug Gangs, Eldorado, Gibraltar in the Sun and other high caliber programming watching pleasantries.

But these 3 little words also conjure up many more images and fab memories to a larger group, the family unit.

Where else can you land in less than 3 hours from the UK and be guaranteed sunshine for over 300 days a year?

And thats were the lazy journo cliches must end.

“The Costa” is a dynamic place full of adventures and fun, things that you can enjoy with your partner or your family and an amazing place to spend your holidays.

We all love the sun, its fact it make you feel better about yourself. Go and read for yourself

If you are a summer person, then get on Skyscanner grab some cheap tickets and head over to the sun because the sunshine is here.

There are over 160 km of coastline which let you enjoy the weather at the fullest.

In Marbella alone, silky sand is broken by beach clubs and five start hotels. Ice cream parlors, tapas shops and bars make up the Torremolinos’ beaches.

You can never run out of activities when you are there. From leisure to cultural activities, your holidays will never have a moment of boredom, if you are looking forward to spend real quality time with your mate or with your family, then there is no better place.

Here are some of the things that you really do not want to miss while visiting Spains Jewel.

Cable Cars

The spectacular views of the mountains and the coast need to be seen from the top.

This is why cable cars have been there to make you see the most of Costa del Sol’s beauty. If the day is clear, you can see a glimpse of faraway places like Africa and Gibraltar. When the summer is high, you can enjoy these cable cars until midnight for stargazing activities.


It is one of Spain’s most exotic cultural jewels and one of the magnificent places you could ever visit in your lifetime. This amazing city of Cordoba gives you a glance of Christian, Roman, Jewish and Moorish architecture in one place. There are 1000 years old mosques there too. So, if you are kind of a history person, then you will never get bored there.

Orange Recipes

Tapas bars in Seville offer you ten-a-penny, all the shops there have castanets, fight bulls of silk-suited matadors. The main thing that you would see people talking about in Seville is its oranges. You can never eat them raw as they are too bitter in that stage, so to give it a taste, head to any traditional restaurant there and try out their citrus-marinated ceviche.


Heavenly place, perfect for golfers. You would not believe that there are above 70 golf courses in the Malaga Province alone including Parador Gold and Sotogrande which were initially laid in the year 1925. The degree of hardness and character of each course is different to another. You can test the skills with everything there from deep bunkers to tricky doglegs.


The village is on the top of the mountains and isno more than one hour’s drive from Marbella. It has been converted into half through a canyon which is deep as 36 buses combined. The bridge of Puente Nuevo gives the best look of gorge. The bridge actually connects Rhonda village. If you stand in middle there, you are actually standing in between canyon floor and 120 meters.spainvillage Nerja Caves

Two record-breakers belong to these caves. The walls there have been daubed with some really old cave paintings if Spain. These paintings are as old as 21,000 BC. One chamber of Nerja caves contain a rock pillar that is considered as widest natural column of the world. In these caves, scientists discovered some extinct species, blind scorpions being one of them.

Malaga Festival

If you really want to enjoy the real essenceof cultural side then do visit during one week-long Malaga festival. You’ll see a lot of craft stalls and much more in this festival. It is the real beauty of Costa del Sol so how about seeing it with your own eyes?

pueblocastle These are the things that make Andalucia a perfect place to visitin holidays. There are attractions for everyone from kids to adults. The nightlife, the amusement parks, the food and the culture offer you something that you can never get out of any other place.

History in the Making at The Grand Ole Opry

The Opry is the leading country and western music venue in America. With untold history that oozes out of every pore this venue in Nashville Tennessee and Apollo Bay Music Festival are proud to remain top artist venues in the U.S. Powered by the enthusiasm and dedication of all our  sponsors. Check out latest artists performing and grab your Grand Ole Opry tickets for the latest shows in 2014


2014 Top Performers include Dierks Bentley, Dolly Parton, WSM online Grand.

Top Artists Appearing in Opry schedule for 2014/2015


Paul Kelly plays the Otway Estate main marquee on Saturday night hitting the Opry schedule for 2014. There also Opry archives to watch and the Ole Opry Hotel!

World surfing champion Nat Young hosts a music forum for surfers and his son Beau Young, also a world surfing champion performs his own music, some from his debut album, Waves of Change.

The Hoodoo Gurus have signed a new label deal and are about to record a new album. Apollo Bay gets to look a little into the Hoodoo horoscope.exploders

Young songwriter, performers and buskers competitions continue the talent-finding tradition of the Apollo Bay Music Festival. Past winners The Vasco Era and Justin Carter perform on this year’s bill.

Sensational sound artist Mihirangi returns for an encore performance that made her a festival favourite in 2006.

See ARIA winners The Audreys in a setting custom-made for country tunes and surely soon to be a featured artist at the forthcoming Ole event or tour. Look out for Brad Paisley, such a big name in country music and regular performer at “The Grand Ole Opry”.

If you haven’t heard of Blue King Brown you haven’t been listening. If you’ve heard them, be sure you see them.cornerstone

The Waifs drummer David Ross Macdonald is also an accomplished finger-style folk guitarist. He plays a solo set at this year’s festival.

Colin Bogars, The Drumming Monkeys, Wild Spirit, Magic Sally, Skip Jack Theatre, Red the Clown and Purple Stripes keep the fun coming in the kids tent. The tents are down and it’s business as usual in the Bay until 2015.

2014 Country Music Festival Wrap Up

On behalf of the Apollo Bay people, our sponsors, “Friends” of the festival and our hardworking committee, we hope you have enjoyed the 15th Apollo Bay Music Festival. We are very proud of this years festival – the lineup – patrons – the personnel have all made it a fantastic outcome.localgettogether_03

We had 95 acts this year so if you are like me and saw .02% of them don’t forget to visit for a download of those performances you missed.

I would like to briefly thank some major partners in ensuring our reputation for bein

g the best and friendliest festival along the coast. Well certainly in Apollo Bay.

Thanks to the Colac Otway Shire who have been on board for the past 15 years. Otway Estate who make the best wines and now the grooviest beer. Noy Brothers, Harrison Electrical, Great Ocean Hotel, The Echo and PBS.

The Apollo Bay Music Festival is a very special festival. It has something for everyone without being too busy. All generations of family can holiday together and safely enjoy the magic of music amongst one of the most beautiful places in the world. So we hope you all saw a little of our paradise while you were here and look forward to seeing you again next year or even better the very next time you can getaway to the beach.

Huge Thanks and love to the dream team. The committee – who have put their blood sweat and tears into it this year. Jane Chisholm, Liz Carr, Paul Sullivan, Jenny Rippon, Sam Healey, Will Cox, Jemma Rosevear and Sally Cannon.

Street Entertainment

This year we had a record entry of performers in the Buskers Competition.beautifulgirls

The young buskers were out in force, and competition was hot. The streets were awash with music and the crowds loved it.
The Fabulous Swing Plumbers won the best Street Musician, with the piano and vocals of Mish in second place. Becky’s hula hoops won her the Street Performers section, with the strongwoman Betty Brawn as runner up.
Vangarty, made up of Mick Fogarty and Kate Van Zuylekom with their unusual drums and a fine combination of ability and enthusiasm took out the Young Buskers award.

The Buskers Competition is sponsored by the Apollo Bay Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, to whom we are deeply grateful, and the buskers keep coming back because of the generosity of the patrons of the Festival. My thanks to all who donated and helped. You kept the streets alive!

Street Entertainment Coordinator.

Best Stall Competition was won by the Otway Hinterland Events from Beech Forestbertie

Opry Songwriters Competition

Rapidly cementing its reputation as one of the ‘must sees’ of the Apollo Bay Music Festival, this year’s Young Performers and Songwriters Competition took the standard of performances to a new level. Twelve knockout performances in front of a full COSY marquee were highlighted by heavy rock acts, acoustic guitarists, and roots and blues maestros in the making.

The West Coast of Victoria with its surf culture/ lifestyle is producing many fine young acts which continue to dominate this competition. Crowd favourites and winners of the Young Songwriters Competition was The Rusty’s, a band of Grommets from Ocean Grove. Whilst the ‘killer’ performer and winner of the Young Performers Competition with his foot stomping roots/ blues/ harmonica/ stomp box special was Tom Richardson. Watch out for both of these acts on next year’s main line-up.

Apollo Bay was well represented by Fern Heland, Counterfit and Skrypture – all taking home an award. Given the calibre of these acts all bodes well for our next home grown star to take their own brand of music to the world, remembering it wasn’t all too long ago that Apollo Bay’s The Vasco Era were winners of this competition.

Apollo Bay Music Festival is proud to support up and coming musicians in this fantastic event. Thanks to all our sponsors, in particular Fender who provided Tom Richardson with a brand new guitar valued at over $ 700, A and B Music in Geelong and to Howlin’ Wind and Magnetic Heaven Studio’s who provided The Rusty’s with a day of recording in their studio.

Bring on 2015….make sure you get your entries in early.

Snapshot for 2014 Grand Ole Opry

The Hoodoo Gurus, The Audries,  Vika & Linda Bull, Cornerstone Roots Soul Revolution, Blue King Brown, Ash Grunwald, The Vasco Era, The Exploders, Bertie Blackman all appeared live at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville Tennessee 2014.


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Top 10 Things to See in Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain is a unique city and at an altitude of 2100 feet it could be a single of Europe’s highest capital cities. Madrid is not only the money of Spain, but it is also the world’s capital of bullfighting. Learning Spanish does not have to be hard you can experience more out of Madrid if you use software like Rocket Spanish Review. Shop at some of Europe’s finest outlets, watch entire world class artwork galleries, get together all night or watch a classic Flamenco dance. You can’t go wrong when you journey to Madrid.


1. Puerta Del Sol

Commence your trip to Madrid here. The Puerta Del Sol is the center of it all. This is exactly where all of the radial highways start. In the central location of Puerta Del Sol you will come across the well-known statue of a bear standing against a tree which is centered on Madrid’s coat of arms.

2. Bullfights

You cannot go to Spain devoid of seeing a bullfight. Madrid is the residence of bullfighting so if you have never noticed a bullfight and want to, this is the put to see it. Some of the greatest Spanish bullfights are in Madrid. The bullfighting season generally goes from March to October.

3. Palacio Real

The Royal Palace is a beautiful and a very essential location in Madrid. Unless of course there is official organization taking location, the Royal Palace is open to the public. You will have to shell out an entrance charge, but it is effectively value it. Make positive to check out the beautiful formal gardens while you’re there.

4. Prado Museum

The Prado Museum is one particular of the most crucial museums in the planet and with out a doubt the delight of Madrid. In this museum you will come across the world’s best collection of Spanish paintings. If you are engaged in artwork this is a must to see.

5. Plaza Mayor

The Plaza Mayor is a marvelous historical site to see. In the middle of the square stands the statue of Philip III on horseback. Entry to the square is via one particular of nine arches and only foot targeted traffic is permitted in the square.

6. Parque Del Buen Retiro

This huge park has a central lake, statues, many fountains, and nice walkways. It is a relaxing location to get away from the city throughout the week and meditate or take it easy for a while. Go to the lake and hire oneself a boat and float on the lake or take pleasure in some of the road entertainers that regular the park.

7. The Gran By way of

A should see street if you adore architecture. Quite a few various designs of buildings are seen on this road and are quite well preserved.

8. Puerta De Alcala

This is the most critical and longest street in Madrid. It is identified in the middle of the Plaza de la Independencia on Calle de Alcala.

9. Estacion De Atocha

A single of two major railways in Madrid, the Estacion de Atocha has gorgeous tropical garden that grace the main hall. You will come here to catch all of the nationwide, high-velocity trains.

10. Plaza Colon

Many monuments of Columbus and his guys dating back again to 1885 are found right here. In the center of the square are The Gardens of Discovery. Underneath the square is the Cultural Middle. In the center is a theater, concert hall and exhibition rooms. The center is hidden from view by a wall of water.

There are quite a few other amazing issues to see in Madrid, but these are some of my favorites.
Have a Wonderful Trip!