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green and white leafed plantsAugust 12, 2009 Cairo Time Opens in Theatres October 9, 2009

Patricia Clarkson and Alexander Siddig (nephew of Malcolm McDowall) star in Cairo Time, a romantic drama shot in the Egyptian capital. Juliette (Clarkson) is a Canadian magazine editor who arrives in Cairo for a vacation with her long-time husband (Tom McCamus, a UN official working in Gaza. Delayed, her husband asks his friend – a handsome Egyptian named Tareq (Siddig) – to watch over Juliette. Juliette finds herself falling in love not only with the city but with Tareq. From the surprise of men-only cafes, to the aroma of a hookah pipe, to the expanse of the Nile, the film captures the seductive charm of Cairo. The film is written and directed by Toronto’s Ruba Nadda, who draws from her Arab-Canadian roots as she did in her previous feature Sabah. Producers are Daniel Iron (Away from Her) and Nadda.

Cairo Time will make it’s world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival

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